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At the time of inception, there were slightly over 100 members. Most were couples who campaigned vigorously to reach the minimum threshold of 100 members for the registration of a Society.
The Sacco welcomes individual members, groups and organisations to take advantage of the products and services on offer. It is easy to join. Simply fill the Member application form and fulfil the requirements stated in the form.

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Class A Members

  • An applicant shall be admitted as a Class A member upon payment of the following fees (which might change from time to time).
    • Entrance fee of Ksh 360.
    • Minimum nominal shares of Ksh 20 of 500 shares (Ksh 30,000).
  • Entry into the member register and issuance of a Member Number.
  • Members shall be admitted by the Board of Directors.

Class B Members

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About Us

Imarisha Sacco Society Ltd is one of Kenya’s leading savings and credit cooperatives offering financial services to its members. The Sacco was first registered in 1978 as a teachers’ Sacco but has since opened its doors to all professionals and entrepreneurs from all walks of life.

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