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It is quite a rare spectacle to find a woman fully venturing into welding business and while in it being the main welder doing the most work.

This is the case with Betty Langat alias Mama Katiyas who is a welder and a owner of a welding business at Tendwet, Keringet in Nakuru county.

The business woman says the decision to venture into the men dominated business was reached after she had hustled hard and now it was time to think outside the box if indeed, she was to become successful as she is now in life.

Though she had indeed come up with a business idea and execution strategy, Ms Langat says capital became her biggest challenge and that is where Imarisha stepped in.

“I decided to venture into this business five years back. It was a good business idea but it required a large amount of capital which I didn’t have at the moment. I was already a member of Imarisha Sacco and they came through for me through binafsi loan,” Ms Langat said.


Mama Katiyas with her employees.   

That was a started on her ongoing financial journey with Imarisha Sacco. She says after repaying her first loan loyally, she has since taken other loans from the Sacco that she has invested in her now blooming business.

“Recently after the school reopening after they were closed last year due to Covid-19, I got a tender to manufacture and supply over five hundred desks and lockers to various schools,” Ms Langat said.

“In order to deliver that I required a lot of money. So, I went to Imarisha Sacco and applied for a loan and they gave me over Sh 300,000 which enabled me to deliver on the project,” she added.

She urged women to join the Sacco, adding that it is a financial entity that empowers women.

 According to Ms Langat the loans offered by the Sacco are friendly in terms of interest rates and also the repayment period.

In order to qualify for binafsi loan, one must be a member of Imarisha Sacco.

The product is available for individual business people with registered premises or companies. Its repayment period is between 12 to 48 months.


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