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Over a long period of time, Imarisha Sacco has been on a journey to empower their members especially of female gender by offering them water tank loan.

 Through the loan which falls under micro-credit product, eligible members are bought tanks of any capacity that they require.

Agness Bii who is a teacher by profession and a resident of Litein, Kericho County, is a beneficiary of the water tank loan. She said that she was able to acquire a 12,000litres water tank that was fully financed by Imarisha Sacco through water tank loan product.

“I am an active member of Imarisha Sacco. Over a long period of time, I really suffered since I didn’t have any big container to gather enough water for use by my family,” she recalls.

“Every evening after school I used to go to the river to fetch water for household use and also for cattle. This was really very tiring,” she added.


        10,000 liters water tank that Ms Bii benefitted from courtesy of Imarisha Sacco.

According to Ms Bii, she decided to get a loan purposely to purchase the thank from Imarisha Sacco and that is when she learnt about Water tank loans.

“After all these water frustrations I went to Imarisha and learnt about this loan product and I was interested in it immediately. I applied for it and in a week’s time my 12,000litres water tank had been delivered to my home. What a relieve,” she said.

To be able to access this type of loan, one has to be a member of Imarisha Sacco. It can be accessed individually or as a chama group.

The repayment period of the loan is 12 months.

Do not be left out on these good products tailored by Imarisha Sacco to meet their clients’ needs. If you are yet to join the Sacco, do so to get to enjoy a variety of their products.

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