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Asset Finance Loan

Asset Finance

Juliana Yegon, a soft drink distributor at Chebunyo market. Through Asset Finance Loan offered to her by Imarisha Sacco she purchased a distribution vehicle.

Asset finance loan is one of the products offered by Imarisha Sacco to its customers. This product is an asset financing loan where members get loans that they use to acquire assets.

Juliana Yegon who is a resident of Chebunyo in Bomet county is a beneficiary of this product.

After acquiring the loan from Imarisha Sacco, Ms Yegon purchased a distribution car and now she is the leading Coca-Cola distributor in the region.

Asset Finance1

Distribution Vehicle purchased by Imarisha Sacco for Ms Yegon.

According to the business woman, Imarisha Sacco came to her aid when she was almost giving up. She recalls how her business opponents had started taking control of her territory since she didn’t have a distribution vehicle and only relied on walk-in customers.

“When I started my business, we were relying on walk-in customers, we were not distributing soda to them in their business areas. This really proved a challenge because our competitors were taking advantage and invading our territory,” she said.

Watching her business territory, being taken over by her opponents slowly, Ms Yegon explained that she had to come up with a solution really quick. That is when she thought of Imarisha Sacco which she says has been a key instrumental partner in her business journey.

“At this point I had to come up with a solution. I couldn’t sit back and watch as my business territory got invaded,

Having been a member of Imarisha Sacco and a witness of the financial journey they have taken with other customers, I went to their offices for advice on the type of loan they could offer me to purchase a distribution vehicle,” Ms Yegon said.

Asset Finance2

       Ms Yegon and her workers loading up the delivery vehicle.

Ms Yegon was then given Asset Finance loan which she used to sort out her challenge.

“Imarisha was and have been very supportive in my journey. Through the asset finance loan, they were able to purchase for me a pick-up which has come in very handy and our sales have been increasing since then,” she said.

“We are now able to reach our customers all over even in remote areas like Transmara where we couldn’t before. I want to thank Imarisha for being part of my journey,” she added.

Imarisha Sacco has other several products that are tailor-made to meet all their customers need. Don’t be left out, join Imarisha today and walk your financial journey with them. They won’t disappoint.


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