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Chama LoanMembers of Upendo Welfare Group who are the among the beneficiaries of Chama Loan offered by Imarisha Sacco.

Self-help welfare groups have been considered a wheel to financial success. Many people opt for these groups to enable them be financially independent and also start and grow their development project at ease.
Through these groups, members have been able to pool their resources through mobilization of loans from financial institutions and this has seen them grow their ventures and achieve financial growth.
Upendo welfare group, a Ndanai based group, was struggling to make ends meet before they chose to invest in real estate business.
The welfare that has 30 members came together to purchase and develop plots. They took advantage of the full market in rental business in the area.
During its inception, the group members had no idea where to access the financial assistance to realize their investment dreams. However, having members who were members of Imarisha Sacco, the group came to learn about Chama Loan.Chama Loan1

An ongoing construction site for rental houses at Kaplekei one of the plots Upendo Welfare purchased using their Chama loan.

After visiting Imarisha Sacco Ndanai Branch and seeking financial advice, they applied for Chama loan that enabled them start and build the project.  

According to Isaac Rotich,who is the chairman of Upendo Welfare, the  project has been beneficial to them.

“We have been successful in purchasing and developing plots at Kapkelei and Ndanai areas. This is courtesy of Imarisha Sacco who gave us Chama loans to buy and develop them,

I urge those members seeking to expand their projects to join Imarisha Sacco and be members for them to be assisted achieve their investment dreams,” said Mr Rotich.Chama Loan2

                  Rental houses owned by Upendo Welfare Group.

Chama loan is available to self-help groups, chamas and other welfare groups. Members can access these products from the nearest to enable them start and expand their projects easily.

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