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IMA4Mr. Edward Koech a beneficiary of digital loan

Impacting young People through Digital Loans
With the world going digital, laptops, smart phones and other learning gadgets are now a-must-have necessities for university and college students.
Affording Sh 30,000- Sh 40,000 to purchase a decent a laptop is however, quite a challenge for students. This is why Imarisha Sacco sat and designed a loan product that specifically suits and favors all the students in need of laptops, phones and other gadgets needed for their studies.
Digital loan product, that the Sacco geared to meet this need has played a major role in enabling these students’ access online learning especially during this Covid-19 period.
Edward Koech, a third-year student at Kenyatta University is a beneficiary of this loan product. He said that Imarisha Sacco couldn’t have stepped in and offered him the loan at a better time, adding that it gave him a chance to be at bar with his classmates.lap

A sample gadgets offered by Imarisha Sacco through digital loans.

“When Covid-19 pandemic hit our country and all learning institutions were closed I become a worried man. Definitely because of the pandemic and also because I didn’t have any means to be part of online classes that was now going to be a norm for all the period we were at home,” he recalled.

“Imarisha Sacco however, came to my rescue. I visited their offices and after explaining to them my situation they explained to me about their digital loan product which perfectly suited me,” he added.

Being a student, what captured his interest more was the flexibility of the repayment of the loan.

“As a student sometimes, it can be a bit tough to repay a loan but with Imarisha you will have the best repayment plan. They are a very flexible Sacco that has come to the rescue of students,” he said.

At Imarisha Sacco, everyone is well catered for.

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