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imaMr Fredrick Odongo, a sugarcane farmer at Awasi. All along since he
Started his farming back in 1990 he had been a peasant farmer until 2011 when Imarisha Sacco introduced Muwa loan.

Fredrick Odongo has been a small-scale sugarcane farmer since 1990. His fortune, however, took a turn to the positive direction in 2011 when Imarisha Sacco started offering a new product called Muwa loan to cane farmers.
He is now among the most thriving cane farmers in Awasi region.
From planting canes in his small farm to now purchasing over 30 hectares piece of land that he now plants sugarcane.
“I started cane farming back in 1990. For 21 years I can say I was still a small-scale cane farmer but that changed when I learnt about Muwa loan from Imarisha Sacco back in 2011. I am among the pioneers who took the loan and my luck in farming and life generally shone bright since that year,” Mr Odongo said.ima22

A sugarcane farm that Mr. Odongo was enabled to develop through Muwa loan offered to him by Imarisha Sacco.

According to Mr Odongo, the first Muwa loan that they took as a group of cane farmers was Sh 800,000 then after repayment they were give Sh 2 million.
This he said was a major boost to their cane farming endeavors.
“After acquiring many loans as a group, the Sacco made follow up and visited each farm to make an assessment on how one was progressing. After that we now given individual loans,” he said.
“Personally, through the Muwa Loans, I can boast of having over 15 acres of well- developed sugarcane farms. I also now own a tractor all courtesy of this loan from Imarisha Sacco,” he added.
Mr Odongo encouraged other farmers yet to join Imarisha Sacco to do so, arguing that they were missing out on the best products that the Sacco has got tailored for all their clients.
Indeed, Mr Odongo’s journey and tremendous growth in cane farming is one to be emulated.

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