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ima2Jeremiah Kosgey who is a beneficiary of Inua loan at his home in Nandi Hills.

Imagine achieving your goals in life earlier than you expected? Getting to build your family a home and driving your dream car in way lesser time than you thought it would take you.
This is the case with Jeremiah Kosgey a Nandi Hills resident who through Inua loan from Imarisha Sacco he was lifted from 20 per cent to a peak of 95 per cent in life.
He recalls how he was initially skeptical about the Sacco when it was first recommended to him then he decided to give it a try. A decision which he says he has never regretted and has since recruited a half of his colleagues at workplace to the Sacco.
“I have been in Imarisha Sacco for the last 4 years and it has always been the best decision that I made in my financial journey. Since I started working, I have never found a good Sacco that has met my expectation but today I am proud to say that this Sacco has taken me to a level which many people might take up to 20 years before achieving,” Mr Kosgey said.ima3

A house that Mr Kosgey build for his family after taking Inua loan from Imarisha Sacco.

Mr Kosgey was able to build his family a house worth Sh 3.5million within a period of only five months at the same time acquiring his personal car that he said was worth Sh 1.7million.
“For the four years I have been a member, I have been in a position to build a house worth Sh 3.5million which I did within 5 months and also purchased my personal car,” he said.
According to him, the secret to be in a position to acquire more and bigger loan amount from the Sacco is being faithful in loan repayment.
“Apart from being faithful in repayment, one should also ensure that their salary is channeled through the Sacco. And by so doing to will be in a position to borrow any amount of loan that you need to develop your life and that of your family,” he advised.
Do not miss out on a chance to be empowered financially and to realize your goals in life early, join Imarisha Sacco today and let us part of your finacial journey.

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Imarisha Sacco Society Ltd is one of Kenya’s leading savings and credit cooperatives offering financial services to its members. The Sacco was first registered in 1978 as a teachers’ Sacco but has since opened its doors to all professionals and entrepreneurs from all walks of life.

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