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Dairy farming is among the top economic livelihoods towards eradication of poverty in Kenya. Through the sector, small-scale dairy farmers have been able to earn an income and sustain their families.

Moses Langat a resident of Kapkatet, is among the members of Imarisha Sacco who have found a partner in this venture. He was empowered through Kilimo loan product and has since continued to record tremendous successes in improving his livelihood.

Mr Langat disclosed that he had a great passion for dairy farming, but admits that he lacked financial capability.


Moses Langat, who is a beneficiary of Kilimo Loan and a resident of Kapkatet. Through the loan that he got from Imarisha Sacco, he is now a successful dairy farmer.

“Being a dairy farmer has been my passion since long ago. Initially I used to do dairy farming and over time, I realized it pays and if I could invest in the right cows for dairy farming the venture would enable me provide comfortably for my family. I however, didn’t have enough capital,” he said.

Being a member of Imarisha Sacco Litein Branch, he applied for Kilimo loan product.

With the loan, Mr Langat was able to purchase Friesian cows, chaff cutter and to plant napier grass to boost his dairy farming goal enabling him improve his livelihood and that of his family.

“Since I took Kilimo loan from Imarisha Sacco which enabled me start my dairy farming, I can now effortlessly cater for my family needs and pay for my children school fees,” Mr Langat said.

“Through the Kilimo loan, I am a self-employed individual and it is the best thing that ever happened to me,” he added.

Imarisha Sacco believes in empowering its members through prudent financial management. Here, farmers and other members can benefit from variety of products to stay financially fit at all times.


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