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For 25-year-old Enock Kipkorir, owing a hardware business had never crossed his mind before. But as fate would have it, he is now the owner of a booming hardware business in Nandi Hills town.

The electrical engineering graduate, recalls how after completing his University studies he was so optimistic and sure that he was going to land a formal employment immediately.

Shock was on him, however, when three years later after his graduation he was still out in the cold hustling with no signs of any formal employment forthcoming.

“In my campus days, all I could imagine was how I was going to graduate from my electrical engineering course and direct off to the formal employment sector I would go. That’s exactly the overambitious nature of any 22-year-old graduating,” he said.


Imarisha Sacco Giving Youths an Opportunity to Start and Empower Their Hustles

Then the process of ‘thinking outside the box’ to earn a source of livelihood and stop depending on his family began.

“I wanted something unique that had higher chances of surviving the ever-strong market competition. So, I sat down and analyzed the market niche at Nandi Hills town and realized hardware was it, though I was so skeptical about it,” Kipkorir said

Yes, he had already identified the business idea but came in the hardest hurdle; finding the capital.

He said he tried borrowing from friends and even relatives but non was forthcoming and he took the last step to talk to his close confidant before giving up his hardware business venture idea; his mum.

From his mum he didn’t get the capital but he got the greatest referral which he says he will be forever grateful for.

“My mum didn’t lend me any money, instead she referred me to Imarisha Sacco Nandi Hills where she was a member after convincing me that my fear that I won’t be given any loan since I was young was wrong,” he said.

“True to her word, the Sacco didn’t look down upon me that I am a youth. They gave me Business loan which enabled me start off my financial independence journey and to become youth with a booming business which is rare,” he added.

At Imarisha Sacco, age has never been a limiting factor. There is something for everyone.


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