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Individual contributors to Imarisha Sacco Society Limited can now place a standing order for monthly deduction towards NHIF scheme.

The Sacco Chairman Mathew Ruto says the society has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with NHIF to facilitate the monthly contribution through FOSA.

“Besides our support to one of agenda four of universal health care, our objective is to ensure our members meet medical care in line with our customer-focused service delivery “said the Chairman.

Ruto who was speaking during member’s education day in Rift Valley Technical Training in Eldoret also disclosed that the society has increased funds payable to cancer patients from Ksh.1.2 million to 1.5 million.

He said the facility has come as a big relief to cancer patients even as he called on members to consider frequent medical check ups to mitigate the devastating impact of the killer disease.

At the same time, Ruto added that the Sacco family consolation kitty in case of demise of a member has been increased to Kshs. 100,000 an amount meant to cover deceased’s outstanding loan balance write off , and added that the Sacco has also doubled deceased’s deposits paid to the member beneficiary.

The Chairman revealed that the society loans approvals to members was within time as the Sacco continues to record growth.

Imarisha managed to generate income amounting to kshs.713,044,303.00 in 2018 as compared to Kshs.559,257,856.00 in 2017 representing 27.5% in growth.

Ruto said the Sacco has laid out elaborate transformative initiatives to meet the ever changing customer needs.

“We recently undertook a customer satisfaction survey, and found out that 86% of the customers polled were satisfied with our products and services and that is why a further 91 % of members were willing to recommend others to the Sacco.’’ Said Ruto.

He disclosed that the Sacco will expand its catchment areas in order to enroll more members who are willing to join the society whose membership has risen from 65000 in 2017 to 76000 in 2018.


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Imarisha Sacco Society Ltd is one of Kenya’s leading savings and credit cooperatives offering financial services to its members. The Sacco was first registered in 1978 as a teachers’ Sacco but has since opened its doors to all professionals and entrepreneurs from all walks of life.

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