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A financial dream that bore fruits .

Mr. Leonard Sigei, a trader in Litein town, never knew that his idea of starting a business will enable him flourish and enjoy   immense growth in the competitive business sector. The dream of becoming the largest store owner in town had been barred by lack of funds and the ever increasing customer loyalty which demanded for more goods hence bigger store.

To curb the demand and maintain the customer loyalty, there was need for an expansion, a venture that would require more funds as the profits accrued were not enough.

wakulima stores. SMES 2

Transformative decision

As he sought for financial ideas from friends and relatives,   he finally decided to try Imarisha Sacco Society Limited. He had a testimony from members that the sacco was indeed a financial friend to run to. Mr. Sigei was enthusiastic about it and made a decision that could later change his life for the better; he knew that this was an opportunity that would make him shine in the Agro-business sector.

The next day, Mr.Sigei decided to visit Imarisha Sacco society limited offices and enquire on business loan. After a consultative meeting with the micro-credit manager, Mr.Sigei was convinced that this is where he needed to be.


Membership with the Sacco

His membership began with him opening a savings account with the Sacco. He immediately started consistent and regular  deposit of business profits in the Sacco account.

After few months later, Mr,Sigei  borrowed a loan, from the Sacco, a decision he made wisely to fulfill his desired dream of expanding his business. He had saved enough for him to get a loan offered at an interest rate of 1% on reducing balance. The loan was immediately approved and disbursed and in no time Wakulima Stores had a new look and outfit.

The development was a big stride for Mr. Sigei a father of three and a teacher by profession; he was able to satisfy customer demand and  has since never regretted. He lauds the efforts made by Imarisha Sacco in making him achieve his financial dreams.

Financial empowerment

Mr. Sigei has since been on top of his finances every year, he has employed staff who he pays them through Imarisha Sacco accounts.

“I have built a better house, paid school fees for my kids,bought land, thanks to Imarisha Sacco. I urge everyone to join the Sacco because it transforms lives, I now want to ventures into livestock farming too because i know Imarisha Sacco is here to enable me realize my dream” said elated Mr. Sigei.

Mr.sigei, thanks the Sacco for moving closer to its customers and for establishing more branches. “I can now access the services here in Litein branch other than travelling  to Kericho.” he added.

Sacco products and services

The Sacco offers micro-credit loan products to SMEs to make them financially secure and to expand their businesses.


Wakulima stores a beneficiary of the micro-credit Sacco products and services is located opposite Litein police station along market road.

The farmer stores is at the forefront in providing farmers with quality farm inputs such as fertilizers, chemicals, farm tools and other materials needed by farmers.

Mr. Sigei believes that all you need is to have a seed before you can sow it in anticipation of good harvest. Saving with Imarisha is a sure path to progress.

Make a date with us and achieve your financial freedom.



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Imarisha Sacco Society Ltd is one of Kenya’s leading savings and credit cooperatives offering financial services to its members. The Sacco was first registered in 1978 as a teachers’ Sacco but has since opened its doors to all professionals and entrepreneurs from all walks of life.

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